I dropped out of high school, here’s what I want you to know

I dropped out of high school, here’s what I want you to know

I was sitting in math class when I decided school wasn’t for me. I asked my math teacher if it was okay for me to go to the counselor. “I don’t want to come to school anymore,” I told my school counselor. I don’t remember how the rest of the conversation went, but I do remember walking out of school feeling relived. There’s tons of students who feel the same way I did when I was sitting in math class. The decision to “drop out of school” was something that came naturally to me as I thought I was doing what was best. Several years have now passed, and this is what I’d you to know about my experience.

It was not easy. I made the decision to leave school because I wanted to work. It was more appealing for me to spend my days working and earning money than figuring out some algebra math problem I’d probably never use in my life. At 16 years old, I found myself working in the food industry. It was something that I felt proud of doing, and that was important. I could now save up money to buy a car, I thought I had all my problems solved. My manager had a daughter that was around my age and she always persuaded me to go back to school. She’d tell me how proud my parents would feel if I graduated. Truth be told, it didn’t matter what anyone said I just didn’t want to go back to school.

I missed out on all those “high school experiences” people talk about. I never went to prom, and I didn’t have a group of friends to do ‘high school” things with. I missed out on a ton of experiences. For my senior year, I was offered a special program that could help students that barely had any credits graduate. I signed up for the program, and 3 months later I was shaking my teacher’s hand because I had completed all tests to graduate. I ended up graduating with a high school diploma (with honors!).

If I could go back and redo my experience, I probably would. I’d tell myself that there is plenty of time to work! As a parent myself now, I would discourage my child if he wanted to leave school. Its important to learn from those experiences. High school is a time to have fun!