How to keep your marriage alive with a newborn

How to keep your marriage alive with a newborn

Marriage is hard on its own, and now you’ve added a newborn on top of that. It can be challenging to manage the stress of parenting and your relationship with your significant other. Here are some ways to strengthen that love and keep the sparks flying when you become new parents.

1. Communication is Key

With all the challenges that come with a newborn, you will have stress and feel weighed down. It is essential to talk openly with your significant other about how you are feeling, especially the mother. If you are feeling down, or feel like you may have post-partum depression, talk with your spouse as soon as possible.

Find a time every day to sit down and simply talk about your days with each other. When you are open and share things about your day with your spouse, you grow intimately and closer to one another.

Excellent communication involves actively listening to each other. Listen with empathy, not sympathy. When we use empathy, our partners know we understand how they feel and will feel appreciated.

2. Be Conscious in Your Actions

Make sure you consciously do a little something every day that you know will make your spouse happy. Whether that be you do the dishes, or make their favorite meal, or write a note that will see later throughout the day, be conscious in your action. Every once in a while, do a more significant act for them, like get them a present, or surprise them with a nice massage.  When we are conscious of our actions toward each other, we naturally draw close to them.

3. Compliments

Compliment your spouse each and every day, the more, the better. Try finding a new compliment each day. Make sure to compliment things other than their looks, but looks now and then is a definite must!

Try saying this phrase every day with a new ending: “You want to know what I love about you? I love that you . . .

4. Physical Intimacy

After giving birth, physical intimacy is hard; we get that. It is vital to relay that onto your spouse, so they know as well. However, it is essential to try to be as physical as you can. Your relationship needs physical touch, especially if that is one of your stronger love languages!

Make sure to hold hands when you go places, cuddle as often as possible, and don’t forget those kisses that you fell in love with. Hugs are especially crucial right now because not only are they physical contact; we need plenty of hugs after each hard and challenging day we face!

While it is harder to find that alone time with your spouse now that you have a little one who is always there needing your attention, you can still have little moments throughout the day to stay physically in contact with your spouse.

5. Date Nights

Date nights do not have to be outside the home, but they do need a planned time and activity. You can stay at home and find tons of cheap and easy activities that will help you draw closer to your spouse. Having that alone time with each other having fun is what you need to keep the sparks alive.

In The End . . .

You can still have that spark in your marriage even with kids. It will take time and effort on both parts, but is so rewarding to stay connected and in love.

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