How to be a successful work at home mom

How to be a successful work at home mom

Working from home with kids can seem like an impossible task to do. Childcare can be very expensive and sometimes it seems better (and more affordable!) to stay at home. But if you’re a stay at home mom looking to work from home and have no idea how to balance it all, luckily I have put together a list of some things that have helped me be a successful work at home mom.

1.Get dressed

It might seem like a dream to work all day in your pajamas. But the reality of it is that it can get boring pretty fast to not get dressed and ready for your day. It’s time to take yourself serious boss lady!

2. Time Management

Create a schedule that will best suit your needs and stick to it! It’s true what they say, you have the same 24 hours as Beyonce! Put your phone down, stop scrolling, and focusing on getting your work done!

3. Work at public places

When I first started working at home, I felt lonely. There were no longer co-workers to chat and gossip with. At times, I felt like that was keeping me from focusing on my work! I would spend more time thinking how lonely I felt than working. One day I decided to go into a coffee shop and I was surprised to see many people working on their computers!

3. Do not do house work

This is also something I struggled with. I would try to do all my chores as fast as I could while my son was in preschool. By the time I was done cleaning and getting everything done, I was tired and my son was back home. You are working, time to push the house chores aside, and get shit done!

4.Create a “fun space” a space where your little ones can play while you work.

If your children are little, and there is no childcare arrangement, consider making a safe “playroom”. Create a fun space where your children can hang out for a couple hours while you conquer the world. Bonus: children need to learn how to keep themselves entertained anyway!

While I continue on my work at home schedule, I hope to learn more tips and tricks and be able to share them with you. More importantly, love yourself above all else because you really are doing the best you can!

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